Add custom Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has recently given its users the opportunity to create and use customized templated Geofilters. After the introduction of this feature, there were over 1 billion illustrations within the app filters every day. Both businesses and individuals have access to this unique innovation. Follow these steps to promote your business using Snapchat Geofilters.


The Two Categories

Snapchat has two kinds of filters. The first is called Community Filters, which are targeted specifically at artists and designers who want to use the filters for their personal communities and groups, such as university students.

The second type, On-Demand Geofilters, are targeted more at businesses and persons who desire filters for significant occasions (such as tailored holiday filters) or for promotional purposes. These filers are divided into business and personal filters.

Personal Geofilters are for any individual using the Snapchat mobile app. You can create Geofilters for birthdays, weddings, celebrations, sports games, anything you want essentially.

Business Geofilters are targeted at businesses as means of extending their business promotion and online presence. Some aspects of these filters or logos, mascots, and brand names.


The Guidelines

There are a few guidelines and standards you should know about before creating any filters.

  • Your Geofilter must be within 20,000 to 50 million square feet of a geofence.
  • You can choose how long the filter lasts, between one hour and 180 days.
  • You’re not allowed to use unauthorized or copywritten trademarks and logos. You must use your own branding.
  • No photographs of people.
  • You can’t advertise your contact information. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, website domains, social media handles, and any personal information.
  • Snapchat won’t allow you to add hashtags.
  • No illicit material, such as drug-related content.
  • You can’t promote other social media platforms.
  • There are some logistical requirements for your filter. It has to in .png format, have a transparent background, and can’t be larger than 300 kb in size.
  • The pixel resolution should either be 1080 x 1920, or 1080 x 2340.

Let’s Create Some Filters!



Step 1:

Access Snapchat’s hosting website and select the “Geofilters” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Step 2:

Click on “Create Your Geofilter” afterwards.

Step 3:

Beneath the “Business” tile, locate and click on the “Submit Now” button.

Step 4:

You have the option to either upload your own, pre-made illustration or use one of the existing filters within Snapchat’s retinue. You can edit the text, color, and graphic design that will appear on your filter. Click on “Next” once you’re satisfied with your filter.

Step 5:

You can select the time period within which you want your filter to be available for public use. Click on “Next” afterwards.

Step 6:

You can choose the area in which your filter will be available. Snapchat will notify you if you’ve selected an unusable section and urge you to find a new area. Click on “Checkout” once you’re satisfied with the area you’ve chosen.

Step 7:

Snapchat requires payment for filter usage. The price depends on your chosen location, the size of the area, and how long your filter will be available for public use. Increasing and decreasing the size of your chosen area will proportionally affect the price, if there are any budgetary concerns.
Snapchat will only charge you for your filter once it’s approved by the moderating team.

Step 8:

You’ll have to login to your Snapchat account after entering the payment details. You can also enter your email ID username and continue after that.

Step 9:

You’ll be presented with an order summary after entering your payment information. With this you can review your filter, including its appearance and the parameters. Click on “Submit” if you’re satisfied with your filter. Congratulations on your new Geofilter!