Add Your Business To YouTube

A great tactic for business promotion and expanding your virtual presence is to advertise your business through trending and popular social media tools. YouTube is bigger than ever right now, from influencers to content creators. You can use YouTube to increase your reputation.


you tube

Step 1:

Access the Youtube website and either login or create a new account. You should see three horizontal lines on the right-hand side at the top of the page. Clicking on that should pull up the “Settings” menu.

Step 2:

You can use the same button to access the “My Channel” page.  Or click your profile picture > Create a channel.

Step 3:

You can connect your channel to a Brand Account.   Sign into your YouTube account on a computer or mobile phone.  Go to your channel list.  Create a new channel or use an existing brand account.  When you select the brand account from the list, you’ll be switched over to that channel.  Once you fill out the details to name your new channel and click create, your new brand account will be created.

Step 4:

To add a channel manager only the owner of a brand account can add a user.  Once you sign into your YouTube account go to settings, located on the top right.  Under account click add of remove manager(s).  Then select manage permissions.  You will then be prompted to enter your password.  Select invite new users Ask people to manage.  Enter the users email address and select their role.  Users have the option of a owner role or manager role.  After choosing the role select invite > done.

Step 5:

You’ll be redirected to your business’ personal YouTube page, where you can add videos, curate playlists, and see your business’ number of subscribers.