Create Facebook ads

One of the best stages for promotional opportunities and advertising is Facebook. It has a wide range of users and is only growing larger and more prominent in our society. Reaching a large target audience has never been easier.

[Note: You must have a Facebook business page if you want to use the social networking site for advertisements.]



Step 1:

Access your business account on Facebook and hit the upside-down triangle at the top of the screen. A menu should pop down and click on the “Create Ads” option.

Step 2:

You’ll be redirected to Facebook Ads Manager. The first stage is figuring out your campaign and marketing goals. Hit “Set Up Ad Account” when you’ve finished.

Step 3:

This just involves inputting your business’ information into the appropriate fields and sections.

Step 4:

Facebook will provide you with default ad set names, but you can also customize these names if they’re focused on particular audiences and demographics. You can also choose where you want to direct any virtual traffic.

Step 5:

You can create offers by switching the button to “on”. Individuals can save and set reminders for your offers.

Step 6:

Facebook will ask you for some information regarding your offers. Fill out the appropriate information and click “Create” when you’ve finished.

Step 7:

Now you can choose what kind of demographic or target you want your ads to be focused on. Press “Save this Audience” when you’re done choosing. These advertisement packages can be reused later, saving you time in the future.

Step 8:

After picking an audience you can schedule when your ad appears and decide on a reasonable budget for your marketing campaign. This can be an either daily or lifetime financial plan, but you’ll need a $40 minimum in order to begin advertising.

Step 9:

Facebook lets you choose the format for your advertisements. This includes single images, a carousel of different pictures, or you can create videos and slideshows.
You’ll also have the option to choose ads that take up the entire screen, and Facebook features ready-made ad templates for just this purpose.

Step 10:

You need to upload your pictures after choosing your preferred format. You can also use existing pictures on your Facebook business profile or take advantage of the thousands of free stock images available online.

Step 11:

The next step is creating an interesting and engaging headline and copy description for your advertisement. You’ll also need to choose what kind of device you want your advertisement to appear on. This can include phone, newsfeeds, and desktops.

Step 12:

The final step is doublechecking your advertisement. Click on “Review” at the bottom of the form. Facebook will alert you if there are any spelling or grammar errors that need revising. Afterwards, click “Confirm” and you’ll have just created an ad for Facebook.