Get Listed On Apple Maps


Step 1: Finding the Form

You’ll need to create an account with Apple before you list your business. Head on over to the Apple Maps Connect website. If you already have an Apple ID, just sign in. If not, click on the “Create One” link beneath the sign in option.

Step 2: Language

Apple will ask you to choose a language, after which you can click “Done”.

Step 3: Finding your Business

Your business name should appear in the search box underneath. Other businesses with similar names will probably also pop up, but they can be ignored. Just find and click on your business time to press on.

Step 4: Claim your business

A box with all of your company’s information (website, address, hours of operation, etc.) should show up after clicking on your business. Click the button “Claim this place” at the bottom of the box.
If you can’t find your business, all you need to do is create a new business by pressing “Add a new place”.

Step 5: Enter your business details

You’ll be prompted with different entry fields in which you can describe your business and list all of your information. Click “next” afterwards.

Step 6: Business Verification

Verifying your business is very straightforward with Apple Maps. Apple will call you using the phone number you provided in the business details section. After the verification, Apple will call you again with more information about your claim. That’s all there is! You’ve now claimed an Apple Maps listing.