Get Listed On Google Maps

Google Maps

Step 1: Signing In and Finding Your Business

Sign into your Google account on Google My Business and add your business’ details into the appropriate sections.
Make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions. Afterwards, enter the business ID you’d like associated with your listing on Google. A new screen should appear, prompting you to enter in more information concerning your business. If your company name appears in the drop down menu, select it and click “continue”.

Step 2: Adding Your Business

You’ll have to manually add your business if you can’t locate it in the drop down menu. After you press “continue,” Google will ask you to verify and authorize your business’ details. Your company will then have its very own Google My Business page.

Step 3: Verifying the Business

In order to manage and revise your business information, you’ll have to verify your listing. This process takes some time as it’s done through the postal service. A code will be sent to your address on a postcard within 12 days of the request for verification, after which you’ll have to enter the code into your Google My Business account for final verification.