Get Listed On Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

Step 1: Find the Yellow Pages List

Go to the Yellow Pages website and scroll down until you see a box with a “Get Your Free Listing” button.

Step 2: Input your Business Information

After clicking on the button you’ll be redirected to a new for. Fill your business name and phone number into the appropriate boxes, and click on the “Get my free listing” button afterwards.

Your Claim 3: Your Claim

Another form will pop up, prompting you to enter your first and last name, along with your business email address. Press “Claim now” after.

Step 4: Entering your Information

You’ll be provided with one more form, in which you should enter the precise information you want presented on Yellow Pages. Click “Continue” after that.

Step 5: Verification

Either login or signup for Yellow Pages. They’ll call you on the phone number you entered to certify the claim to your business listing.