How to respond to positive reviews

There are few things more rewarding as a business manager than receiving positive feedback from a customer. Everyone loves hearing compliments and feeling recognized for exemplary service, especially service that you take great pride in. Unfortunately, many businesses only pay attention to the negative reviews, ignoring the positive ones.

This is a missed opportunity to increase your public image. Customers may leave positive reviews in an attempt to promote your business and recommend it to other potential clients. Responding to positive reviews is an opportunity to begin and build relationships with your customer base. This will help expand your business’ image and turn single customers into repeat customers. Our step-by-step guide focuses on ideal responses to supportive feedback, including examples and templates.

Imagine a customer has just provided your business with a review, stating, “I used to hate cheeseburgers, but these guys’ restaurant changed my entire perspective! Would definitely recommend!” or “I’ve never had a more efficient and positive experience with a shipping company before! Inexpensive, assisting, and fantastic customer service!” Here’s how you should respond:



# 1: The Personalized Greeting

The opening lines of your response can play a significant role in the subconscious mind of your customers. An informal approach with a first-name greeting will come off as very approachable and friendly. However, the nature of your business should also dictate your response. If you’re renting our luxury yachts or selling expensive diamonds to wealthy billionaires, formality may help maintain your public image and provide customers with a certain level of respect they might be used to. Look at the following greetings:
“Good morning, Mr. Samson”
“Hey, Michael!”
The first salutation is a little formal and perfectly distant, while the second is warm and welcoming. Choose one that best fits your business and services, but always had a personal touch. Avoid bluntness and indifference to the individual customer. They took time out of their day to leave feedback, and you should reciprocate that dedication appropriately. Saying something like, Thanks for the rating! Glad you enjoyed it!” can come off as automated and cursory.

# 2: Show Gratitude

It’s important to show appreciation to your customer’s dedication to your business. Show them that you’re glad they took the time to provide some supportive feedback. Demonstrating appreciation is also a good way to initiate a conversation, build relationships, and establish an open line of communication with your customers. The manner in which you show that appreciation is a little more freeform, but the vital aspect is actually thanking them. Don’t use a generic response, either. Customers won’t feel special if they see every positive review has the same, automated reply.
“This review makes this Tuesday feel like a Friday!”
“We appreciate you taking the time to leave such an overwhelmingly positive review!”
“Words cannot express our gratitude for your supportive feedback! Please visit again!”

Make sure your gratitude comes off as genuine and personal.

# 3: Better to Ask than Tell

After your introduction ask them a question or request that can guarantee a response. There are a few things to keep in mind with approaching them, though.

Don’t be TOO personal
By “request” we’re referring to statements such as, “Please give our (other product) a chance too! We think it would be a great fit!” or, “We’re glad that you had such a positive experience! Our annual BBQ is coming up and we’d love to extend to you and your family a personal invitation!”
Good customer relationships and repertoire are invaluable in the modern business world, and the suggestion to visit again will come off as grateful and hospitable.

Don’t be Intrusive
Don’t ask uncomfortable questions or put them into an awkward situation. Asking questions like, Do you live nearby? We’d love to see you again!” or, “Would you like to provide your email or phone number for future sales and deals?”
A public domain is absolutely not the arena for sharing such personal information. Any questions in the same vein as those above will come off as troublesome and perilous.

Use the correct format
Depending on the website and listing, some responses are required to be single sentences. In these situations, it’s important to come off as helpful, welcoming, light-hearted, and informative about your services. It’s also a good idea to leave your business phone number if they have any questions and concerns.
Some things you could say:
“We’d love it if you visited again! Please call us at (555-555-5555) for any table reservations, deliveries, or any other qualms and questions you might have in the future!”
“If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy out blueberry scented soap! You’ll love it you liked the pomegranate scented hand sanitizer!”
“Our company is hosting an exclusive event for Mother’s Day at (some venue) on May 25th! We’d love to see you and your family there!”

# 4: Make sure they feel welcome

Before signing off on the response, make sure to invite them back and let them know they’re welcome anytime. It’s important to come off as hospitable and grateful for choosing your business. This will leave them with a positive impression and will help them make future recommendations about your business.

“We’d be ecstatic to talk and serve you again!


“Can’t wait for your next visit!
Manager and Owner of Jimmy’s Seafood

Tailored review responses can be vital in retaining customers and increasing potential traffic. It’s important that the customer always feels welcome and validated, and that your business comes off as friendly and trustworthy. Be thankful and make them want to visit and suggest your business in the future.