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Google Reviews Missing

Crisis Averted: Take Control of Your Google Reviews with These Expert Tips

March 02. 2023

Google has recently updated its algorithms to flag business reviews, causing widespread concern and frustration among businesses and customers alike. Many businesses are reporting that their Google Reviews are missing, and legitimate customer reviews are not displaying. This has caused confusion and frustration for businesses and customers who rely on these reviews to make informed […]

google assistant

How to Identify Authentic Calls or Texts from Google for Your Business

February 23. 2023

If you run a business, you may receive a call or text from Google claiming to verify your data. However, with numerous scams out there, it can be challenging to determine whether the call or text is authentic. Ignoring a legitimate call or text from Google may lead to suspension, as seen in a Google […]

Rebranding Your Google Business Profile

6 Critical Steps to Rebrand Your Google Business Profile When Buying a Business

December 26. 2022

Is it best to start a new Google Business Profile or Rebrand your Google Business Profile after a sale?  Each acquisition is different and it’s up to the brand owner to decide which is best for their business, below are factors to consider: How many reviews does the business have? Have the services, products, or […]

Reviews Impact Your Local Search Rankings

Reviews Impact Your Local Search Rankings

November 18. 2022

Conflicting messages abound with regards to how reviews impact your local search rankings.  Google review count and the rate at which a business generates new reviews can vary from industry to industry.  There are many assumptions and myths regarding reviews:   Does the number of Google reviews impact your rankings? Does the text of a Google […]

The ultimate Guide to Google Business Profile

The Ultimate Guide to Google Business Profiles

September 23. 2022

In this post, we’ll be providing an all-encompassing guide to creating, claiming, and optimizing your Google Business Profile.  Google Business Profile is a free tool that enables users to publish personalized, authorized information about their business online, and has essentially become the most critical ranking factor for Local SEO.   A Business Profile is one […]

Missing Google Reviews

7 Reasons Why You Are Missing Google Reviews

September 20. 2022

As a Google Product Expert for Google Business Profiles, the main issue I have seen recently is authentic customer reviews not showing up for the business.  This can be extremally frustrating for a business who values their reviews and understands how important it is to build their Google reviews.  Reviews have a significant impact on […]

Google Profile Suspended

Critical Steps to Take on your Suspended Google Profile

August 31. 2022

How do I get my Google Business Profile reinstated? Are you stuck wondering why your Google Profile was suspended?  You are not alone, there are several businesses that have suspension issues and don’t understand why they were suspended off Google in the first place.  Unfortunately, Google doesn’t tell you why you were suspended.  There are […]

Google Messaging App

Everything you need to know about Google’s Business Messaging App

February 24. 2022

As people are searching Google, they now have the option to message / chat with the business.  The days of one-way communication are no longer the norm.  For some businesses, this can be a great tool that they enable, but for others, it can be another pain point.   Text messaging interactions not only saves […]

Google Business Profile Your Business on Google

Google My Business now Google Business Profile

December 15. 2021

Is the Google My Business app going away? Yes and no!  Google now wants business owners with single locations to edit their pages directly on Google Search and Google Maps.  This means it is no longer necessary to use the app or console to make updates on your Google Business Profile.   However, the app will […]