Google My Business Post Capabilities

Google My Business Posts is one way for a local business to optimize and enhance their Google My Business profile.  Utilizing the posting feature within your profile gives you the ability to promote offers, services, products, events and update your customers on Covid-19 restrictions.

Google developed the posting option within Google My Business back in 2016 to allow a business to share offers and events and other valuable information with their audience.  Posting within Google is free and has become more relevant, sometimes even showing up in search engine results pages (SERPs).  


Google posts appear in your Google my business profile when customers search your business name or view your business profile on Google maps.  They can also be shared by you or your customers on various social pages or through messaging.  Google offers a variety of types of posting options.

Covid-19 Google Post
Types of Google My Business Posts:

There are five types of Google my business posts; Covid-19, offer, what’s new, event and product.  Multiple posts can be used with no limits on the number of posts published.  Google encourages one post a week.


  • The covid-19 post expires every 7 days and are prominently placed on your profile so that customers will notice immediately.  Taking the time to publish a Covid-19 post on Google enhances your brand reputation and can build trust with your consumers.  The posts can be used to update customers on policies and procedures, Covid-19 closures or shortened hours, delays, extra services and operational changes.  Google looks favorably on businesses that utilize all features within their profiles.  


  • Offer posts let you showcase your current offers on Google.  Use Call to action button within the posting feature to send customers to your website to claim offers or learn more links.  Regularly posting offers to your Google my business profile will encourage your customers to come back over and over to engage on your page.  Offer posts have a start and end date.


  • What’s new posts lets you communicate effectively what updates your business has made.   Hire a new employee? Why not create a what’s new post to welcome them in.  Get creative and let your business stand out by utilizing Google’s post feature.  


  • Event posts will help you announce upcoming or current events.  What better way to lure in your potential customers then sharing your events with them on Google?  The best part about posting on Google, it’s completely free.  Reach and engage with more people and increase visibility in search.  You can also link your Facebook page for customers to learn more about your events.


  • Have new products? Showcase them on Google posts.  Once you create the product post you can link a BUY call to action button that will lead them directly to your store website or Facebook page.  Not only can you display a photo but Google allows you to include a description and price.

Picking which post to use depends on your business goals for the week or month.  Take the time to think through the message you want to publish and remember to keep it short and sweet.  Always use high quality photos and videos.   Using bad photos can send the wrong message about your brand.  Lastly, optimize your call-to-action buttons for your message.  Google gives you a good number to choose from so pick the one that will allow the user to follow through on your message.   Having your potential customer engage on your page will result in better rankings over time. 

Reputation Arm’s full managed services can work with you to consistently post on Google and therefore enhance your brand presence online.  

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