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Google Messaging App

Everything you need to know about Google’s Business Messaging App

February 24. 2022

As people are searching Google, they now have the option to message / chat with the business.  The days of one-way communication are no longer the norm.  For some businesses, this can be a great tool that they enable, but for others, it can be another pain point.   Text messaging interactions not only saves […]

Google Business Profile Your Business on Google

Google My Business now Google Business Profile

December 15. 2021

Is the Google My Business app going away? Yes and no!  Google now wants business owners with single locations to edit their pages directly on Google Search and Google Maps.  This means it is no longer necessary to use the app or console to make updates on your Google Business Profile.   However, the app will […]

Local Listings Management

Is Local Listings Management necessary for today’s marketing efforts?

November 11. 2021

Local Listing Management Many businesses are often wondering if  local listing management otherwise known as citation management is still relevant for their marketing budgets.  Do citations still matter and should a business be paying for ongoing local management services?  The million-dollar question this article is meant to help you think through. The most commonly known […]

Google Justification

7 Local Justifications On Google That Validate Your Business and Help with Local SEO

September 16. 2021

Local Justifications? What are they and why should I care? Google displays validated snippets of text on a business listing in the Local Packs, Local Finders, and Google Maps.  The idea is to show the Google searcher the local business listed precisely matches their search intent.  The justification is Google’s way of validating the business.  […]

Have you heard, Building Reviews Drives your Local SEO

Have you heard? Building Reviews Drives your Local SEO

August 02. 2021

It’s not secret reviews have a large impact on your brand and your local SEO.  Google and Amazon reviews have revolutionized the way we rank, whether it’s a local business or a business selling a product.   Reviews matter and the way you respond to them are just as important. How do Reviews help a business? […]

negative reviews

10 Effective Review Templates to Help You Respond to Negative Reviews.

June 22. 2021

  Online reviews are critical for local businesses.  A local business without them may find it hard to generate leads and conversions without the right number of reviews, quality reviews and recent reviews.  There are several sites a customer can leave reviews for a business.  Google, Facebook, Yelp, Travelocity are of the most popular sites […]

Google post violation

Your post has been removed from Google

April 08. 2021

Your post has been removed from your Business Profile on Google because it violates one of more of our post content policies. Have you recently received this email from Google after submitting your Google post but just can’t seem to figure out how your post violates Google policy?  We will highlight some of Google’s content […]

Brand Management through Google Reviews

Brand Management through Google Reviews

March 10. 2021

Today Google has transformed the way a brand is conveyed. A brand is what your customers are telling Google through your reviews. Take a look at your business on Google; how many stars and how many reviews are by your business name? At first glance a consumer can judge your entire business just by your […]

Google My Business Optimization for Maximum Results

Get Maximum Results with Google My Business Optimization

February 13. 2021

            Google My Business is an important component of a local SEO optimization strategy. That’s why you need to include your business in Google My Business directories if you run a business locally. When creating a Google My Business listing, you should aim to provide the detailed information about your business […]