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Is the Google My Business app going away?

Yes and no!  Google now wants business owners with single locations to edit their pages directly on Google Search and Google Maps.  This means it is no longer necessary to use the app or console to make updates on your Google Business Profile.   However, the app will be available for agencies and businesses with multiple locations to manage their listings.  With the transition to primarily support large businesses with multiple locations comes the new name, Business Profile Manager.  We can expect changes to the Business Profile Manager throughout the next year.

You may not have noticed that Google My Business has been renamed to Google Business Profile.  According to Google, the new name is to “keep things simple.”  Prior to Google My Business the name was Google Places, Google + Local, and Google Places.  The point is, Google is always evolving and the Google My Business app is another change coming our way.  In 2022, Google will be retiring the app for business’s will single locations.   They now prefer a business with a single listing to manage their single listings directly on Google Search or Google Maps.

To edit your business, simply search My Business in the google search.  You can also search your business name.

Google business profile edit view
Google business profile edit view

The search should pull up business profiles you manage and will allow you to update, edit and modify your profile all from the search page.  No console needed.

Google Business Profile Your Business on Google
Your Business on Google


Once you hit the edit profile a pop-up box will open that allows the location to update

  • Business Information
  • Hours
  • Products
  • Services
  • Add Photos
  • Add products


New Updates

The new updates recently launched include call history, messaging and claiming and verifying your Business Profile directly in Google Search.

Claiming your Business Profile directly on Search and Maps

Simply search the business name or find your business on Google Maps.  You should see an option to verify the profile.  If your account is suspended you can resolve it in the browser as well.  Google states that “Over the coming months we will enable all merchants who create or claim Business Profiles on Google to complete their setup directly on Google Search and Maps.”

Exclusive Features on Search and Maps

Google will provide additional tools and analytics on your business performance exclusively within search and maps.  In order to fully optimize you will need to visit your business profile on search.  This forces the business owner to view how their local business shows up across Google.

Call history in Google Business Profile

Google launched call history earlier this year (2021).  It allows a business to track calls from your customers on Google Search and Maps.  Call history keeps a log of your calls in one place.  Any customer that uses the “Call” button on your Business Profile will be logged in your Calls tab.  It identifies recent calls, missed calls and answered calls.  Any calls you get from your Business Profile will start with a short message.

Call history on Google
Call history on Google

Google also helps you identify how your calls are performing.  It allows a business to see what day of the week they missed the most calls and the time of day most calls were missed.

Call history on Google 2
Call history on Google


Did you know you can read and reply to messages from your Business Profile?  Start by turning on messaging within your business profile page.  You can do this by searching your business name in Google Search.  You should be able to see your profile.  Keep in mind only managers of the profile can see these options.  Look for the box that says Turn on Messaging.  You then will be prompted to Turn on chat.  Once turned-on customers will see a “Chat” button on your Business Profile.  Customers will be able to message you at any time.

How will I know when I get a Message for my Business Profile?

  • Messages appear in your Business Profile on Google
  • Google sends you notifications for incoming messages.
  • Customizable welcome messages are available*.
  • All users have access to message customers.

*Customizable welcome messages are only available to set up on the app.  The current Google Business Profile does not allow locations to customize welcome messages.

If you decide to enable the messaging option on your Business Profile, always remember to reply within 24 hours.  When customers see that your business is engaging in the chat feature it will promote trust and encourage more chat engagements in the future.  Google will deactivate chat for your business if they find that you don’t respond within the 24-hour time frame.  For help on answering message, reviews or Google optimization on your Google Business Profile, reach out to Reputation Arm.  Our experienced team can help guide you along the way.

Messaging on Google Business Profile
Messaging on Google Business Profile
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