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Your post has been removed from your Business Profile on Google because it violates one of more of our post content policies.

Google post violation

Have you recently received this email from Google after submitting your Google post but just can’t seem to figure out how your post violates Google policy?  We will highlight some of Google’s content policies to help you better understand how to make your post live.  For more information regarding content policy,  you can find it on Google My Business Help.

Make sure your post is relevant to your business

All posts done in your GMB page should be relevant to the business and be used to help customers better understand what you sell, offer, or services you provide.  If Google finds that the content is not relevant to the business or has no clear association with your business it would be a rejected.  Keep in mind that Google My Business is not meant to be a environment for general, political, social or personal conversation.

No Spam

Your content should not be misleading in anyway to your customers.  In addition to presenting relevant information, it should be honest material.  Examples of content that is not allowed include:

  • Misspellings, gimmicky character use, gibberish, or automated or distracting content such as blurry or poor image or video quality, or unrecognizable content
  • Images, videos, or links that negatively distract the reader’s attention
  • Links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software
  • Links to sites irrelevant to the business
  • Phishing scams

No inappropriate Content is allowed

While it may seem obvious to most the following would be considered inappropriate Google post content:

Content that is filled with hate or bullies or has a direct threat.

Content that ridicules a person or place that may instigate anger or hate.

Content that promotes violence.

Sexual content.

Terrorist content.

Even after following all the obvious guidelines your post is still getting rejected.  Some violations may be harder to catch.  If your post is still getting rejected try looking at your photo image.  Words within a post can trigger a post rejection.  Remove all phone numbers or website url links in the body of the post.  You can use the CTA buttons instead.  Google is now rejecting posts that include phone numbers or a url, similar to the image above.  Including a phone number in your post is called Phone Stuffing and is in violation of Google Policy.

Limit the number of words to no more then 100 words.  Google posts allow up to 300 words, however your message gets truncated and is not visible.  Its better to stick to less than 100 words for all posts.  Follow SEO best practice in your message.  This means do no over stuff keywords in your post message.  Google may reject posts for that reason.  Make sure your image is the appropriate size, ideally 750 x 750.  Google provides the option to use a Call-to-Action button.  Always remember to utilize your CTA button for your posts.

Trying one or several things may be required to get your post to fall in line with Google post guidelines.  The best approach is to start with less and add as you see fit.  If you still can’t figure out why your post is not publishing, contact Reputation Arm for help.

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