Google Suspension Help Document

Critical Steps to Take on Your Suspended Google Business Profile

How do I get my Google Business Profile reinstated?

Are you stuck wondering why your Google Profile was suspended?  You are not alone, there are several businesses that have suspension issues and don’t understand why they were suspended off Google in the first place.  Unfortunately, Google doesn’t tell you why you were suspended.  There are a number of reasons Google will suspend your profile.

#1. You Violated Google Profile Policies

The most common violations are changes to your address, category, name, website or phone number.  You may have multiple variations of your business name online or you have duplicate profiles.  Another violation is multiple businesses claim to operate from your address.  You must clarify any outstanding issues prior to filing for reinstatement.

#2. Incomplete or incorrect NAPs (name address phone)

It’s the owner’s responsibility to provide Google with the most up to date information about your business.  This includes the hours of operation.  Not only do you confuse your customers but it will raise a red flag with Google.  Ensure your Google profile has the most up to date information on your

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business products or services
  • Business Hours

#3 Repeated Policy Violations

If you have received a suspension notification, you must take it seriously and optimize all areas of your profile.  Be sure to examine all areas and review Google’s guidelines.  What triggered your suspension may not be the only reason you are staying suspended.

#4 Your user account is has red flags

If you have been recently suspended, Google may advise you that your user profile has been flagged for suspicious activity.  When this happens there are some extra steps you may need to take to get your account reinstated.  For more information, read Red Flags On Your Google Business Profile: Tips To Maintaining A Healthy GBP

6 Critical tips you need to review before you file for reinstatement on your Google Profile!

  1. Make sure your address and URL matches all your social links. Many people make the mistake of updating their Google profiles prior to updating their website, FB and other social platforms.  Having consistent data across all your social and website is one way Google can verify your business.  Having accurate name, address and phone numbers (NAPs) are critical to your business
  2. Update your Google map on your website. If you relocated make sure your website has been updated with the proper Map schema.  To learn more about how to embed a Google Map on your web page click here.
  3.  Add an exterior photo to your Google Profile. When you add the photo make sure to include your signage.  Window signage is also good.
  4. Review Google guidelines and make sure you are compliant. Reading through and verifying all aspects of your profile is important before you try and file for reinstatement.
  5. Get your business license handy and a utility bill. Its always helpful to provide Google with as much information to verify you are a legit business.
  6. If you are a service-area business, you must hide our business address from customers.  For example, if you are a plumber and run your business from your residential address, hide the address from your Business Profile.  To learn more about Service Area businesses on Google, visit here.

After reviewing all aspects of your profile and you are sure that all updates are up to date then you can file for reinstatement with Google.  Visit Fix Suspended Business profiles.  Most profiles are reinstated withing 3 business days.  However, it could take up to 2 weeks.

If you do not have the resources or time or simply can not get your account reinstated, reach out to us.  Reputation Arm has a 99% reinstatement record.

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